iLove & Loss in Cowtown

I will be the first to admit that the iPhone craze may be a little ridiculous, but not so much to stop me from joining the frenzy and buying one.

I wasn’t one of the hardcore believers who waited in long lines to get the first ones. In fact, after waiting in anticipation for close to seven months, my soon-to-be-hubby Richard and I almost changed our minds about buying them. That is, until we got to test drive my sister’s shiny new toy over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. “You’ll never be the same,” she warned me.

Richard and I each bought one midday Monday of this past week (no long lines or waiting lists). It took a little doing and multiple sim cards to get it all set up—not because of an iPhone issue, but rather the hassle of switching cell service and keeping a phone number but not living in the market for that number (long story). However, by late Tuesday, thanks to the diligence of a wonderful future spouse, my iPhone was officially up and running, and I was officially in LOVE.

And the next day it was gone.

Yes, that’s right. I am one of the first iPhone converts with the dubious honor of having my precious and overpriced piece of pickpocketable technology stolen… And believe me, I cried like I just lost the family dog.

One tearful police report, a few calls to the restaurant where it was stolen, and several condolences from friends and strangers later (one very nice lady at AT&T exclaimed, “That makes me so mad!”), I still have not recovered the phone. (For those who don’t know, AT&T and Apple do not offer insurance on the phone, though I was able to file a claim through my renter’s insurance for a partial reimbursement.)

Although I do find it comforting that whoever ends up with it really just has a very expensive paperweight, the loss still smarts (there is nothing quite like that sick feeling of losing close to $700 in less than 48 hours, though it is far from the first time I have been robbed and probably not the last).

In reaction, I went right out and bought another iPhone on Thursday. It is THAT cool. Now I just need to find a purse with an alarm system.

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