The Next Food Network Star

I must confess that I haven’t really gotten into The Next Food Network Star show. I did try but just haven’t been able to catch enough episodes to really get attached to anyone. Even Top Chef, which I watched religiously the first season, hasn’t captured my attention enough for me to schedule my life around it.

That being said, I was flipping through the June issue of Bon Appetit on a flight to New Orleans and stumbled across a column introducing the season four (is it already season four??) contestants. I might have to try to watch this one!

In the spirit of the article, I decided to write-up my own little bio:

Jessica Llanes, Culinary Student & Writer

Cooking Philosophy: Feel-good classics with fresh surprises. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and improv!
Kitchen Soundtrack: I just put my iTunes on shuffle and jam.
Signature Dish: Baby Back Beans & New Orleans BBQ Shrimp
Secret Weapon: Insatiable curiousity and a willingness to try, try again!

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